Gain access to local caregivers, meds, clones, growing advice, supplies and more!

This was created by Patients for Patients. We welcome all walks of life to our public meetings. It’s casual, laid back and local. We are proactive members unified together in a fight to protect our civil liberties awarded in November of 2011 in Arizona. Only verified patients and caregivers are able to network within our organization. Benefits of networking include an opportunity to meet several local growers that are compassionate about your needs. You can meet patients that need REAL health caregivers and medicine delivered discretely. Learn about the community at large and how you can help. Whether you are a chef, a vet, an accountant, a mortgage broker, a lawyer, a waiter, a valet patron, an athlete, a father, a mother, a brother…we are too. We are here because we care. We are here because we understand your needs and more importantly understand how to protect our way of life; but we have to do it together. ONE LOVE! – Buddy

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  1. Michael says:

    I was medically retired from being an infantryman in the Army and strongly believe the Cannabis movement in all regards, as long as people don’t abuse it. My point I believe society is stuck in an outdated propagated mentality dating back to the 1930’s and then the fucking Reagan era with the crack down on hard core drugs. MMJ that’s not abused is my lifestyle and in fact no longer take one of my pain meds. So I want to help and learn this culture more and more in every single regard to the subject imaginable to man.


    Michael Andrew Hull, Retired mother fucking Army.

  2. s44watson says:

    I have a caregiver and delivery. How can I look/find others (if I can) to get my meds. My caregiver only has a limited strains and runs out of product. Also they may be charging me more (sold per gram,no break for needing ozs.) thanks,sw

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