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As a self-proclaimed “straight-laced tech geek,” former director of social media at PETCO and Microsoft digital campaigns lead Katherine Smith is not your typical pot proponent. Last week, Smith announced that she will be joining Weedmaps, a tech startup that boasts the world’s most heavily trafficked dispensary locator and digital cannabis resource, as chief marketing officer. As the marijuana industry grows, women are rapidly taking leadership positions in every aspect of the business—from legislative reform and medical testing to technology and retailing. As Nancy Botin of Showtime’s Weeds would say she’s “the suburban baroness of bud.” The legalization of weed is proving to be incredibly lucrative, and public opinion is evolving with the pot trade. According to The New York Times, 54% of Americans support legalization, and 72% believe the government’s efforts to enforce marijuana laws cost more than they are worth. Passionate and tenacious women who have a background in mainstream industries are staking their claim in the multibillion-dollar market opportunity of weed.

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