Success Stories

Do you have a story to tell about your Cannabis Treatments? We want to know!

420patients is working on a picture book for presentation to those that oppose the use of Cannabis and help support the need for more educational funding.

If you have a been able to get off of your medications we want to hear your story and work with you to get the message out- that cannabis heals and is better than pharmaceuticals with less side effects.

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  1. jim says:

    i have a condition known as failed back syndrome. this is due to surgury back in 88. my doctor will do nothing for it, except for “pain injections”.i was asking for something to help sleep at night, as i don’t get comfortable. he refused. so i went to med marijuana. not only do i sleep much better, but the unexpected drop in my blood pressure surprised me. better than it has been in years. and this is from 2 hits a night. can’t tell me it’s not working.

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