Stoner Sundays: @MikeRita90 @VaporCentral is accepting qualified medical marijuana patients and caregivers to join our network. We value every registered member and we hope to serve you in Arizona. This article brought to you by 420 community friends

POT TV – Stoner Sundays @VaporCentral with your host @MikeRita90 LIVE Tonight at 9pm est. Nov 11th 2012, It’s 8:45pm on show night and although it’s scheduled to begin in 15 minutes, Rita won’t take the stage for another half hour because… well, what’s the rush? I mean, most of the audience is zombified – hitting a plethora of smoking apparatus; a bong here, volcano there. They aren’t going anywhere. Although Rita would prefer punctuality, his 18-month experience as the Don of Stoner Sundays has taught him to patiently wait for the audience to arrive.

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