Stoner Sundays 161 Mike Rita is accepting qualified medical marijuana patients and caregivers to join our network. We value every registered member and we hope to serve you in Arizona. This article brought to you by 420 community friends

POT TV – STONER SUNDAYS 2nite at Vapor Central! The week after 4/20 is like Boxing Week for stoners, so at this week’s show, we’re giving away everything at basically the same price but with big signage and dubious percentages attached! Tonight’s Mike Rita: Buy one Mike and get a free Rita! Now 65% more terrific – Get some Mike Rita while supplies last! Available with extended warranty (in his pants)! Follow the trail of roaches from Yonge & Dundas Square up to Vapor Central, where the folks are chill, the smiles are warm and the vibes are just right! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO BOGUIN’ ME DAT.


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