Phoenix Patient Medical Marijuana Group

Desert Ridge

Rock Bottom Brewery


September 10th
All guest are welcome.

Topics for discussion/update:

 420patients Town Hall Meetings (Flagstaff /Prescott/ Payson/ Phoenix / Casa Grande / Tucson) Updates…

  • Rock Bottom Brewery-Desert Ridge has offered to Host Phoenix network meetings- fixed price menu at $12 – 6-12 items
  • 420patients Town Hall Meetings Newsletter’s – Need names….?
  • CLONE NETWORK & Edibles line has launched…need clones….brownies ….order online
  • VA Program Initiated 6 clinics in Phoenix & more being added each month…. to coordinate
  • Caregiver & Patient Assignments – The 420patient 3 step process- It’s easy, ask how it works….
  • Rx Bottle Samples with labels- available at monthly meetings -$20 per bundle
  • AZ Med Testing Agreement ($55 testing of medicines/ 24 hour turn around/microscopic picture/email report provided)
  • provide Marijuana Extraction Services, access to a $40,000+ new machine for cannabis oil extraction
  • Referral Program– free Rx bottles for each referral
  • Pricing  $$$$ – Dispensaries vs. CCH (Central Clearing House Meetings) 20% to 50% LESS- need 1st Event planning- patients to have opportunity to obtain medicine at discounted one day only specials..
  • 420patient Forms (Expense logs/ Account Management/ Record Keeping/ Accounting) Need Forms…. Email:
  • Website Development by 7Krown Studios available for network, need a Website Built….ask them….
  • Marketing & Advertising Materials by 7Krown Studios for network- need Flyers, Facebook page…help with your Home business….take it to the next level and boost SEO /website exposure…  
  • Issue’s Resolution Team’s -(IRT’s) need to be developed for Arizona Network- Have experience in one of these fields:  Legal / Finance / Accounting / Procurement / Transportation / Label & Packaging, etc…volunteers needed
  • Events:  Arizona Hemp Fest / HempPalooza  / Expo…?? / Harvest Fest…? Got Ideas…
  • Law Enforcement Contacts- got any…..are they 420 friendly….?
  • Out of state development– Co-Sponsorships / National Events / Charities / Non-Profits…what else???
  • Delivery – Car vs. Mail
  • Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program
  • DHS Definitions review and clarification – Fees appropriate for the program $200….for what??
  • HIPAA compliance – Are you HIPAA Complaint
  • HempPalooza – 420 Music Festival  – – we need volunteers……location/date ….tbd
  • Arizona Hemp Festival 2012 in development – 
  •– provide mobile registration/enrollment / Donation events to bring awareness- Hike for the 420 Cause..
  • AREA420….. – Looking for locations….do you have LAND to grow on….let us know..
  • PHOENIX GREEN CROSS CLINIC Assessment/ Screening programs w/ reduced fees –  
  • KIND CLINICS to provide assessment and screening programs w/ reduced fees
  • 420patients Farms to provide clones for CLONE NETWORK
  • to provide Co2 Extraction oil services for clipping & shake to at discounted prices 
    • Humboldt Microbe Plant Tea/Brew – available for ordering online & pickup each meeting- comes w/bubbler and pump for feading plants…

Come join the Network monthly meetings in your area and get 420connected……. 


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