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Marijuana dispensaries characterize it as a bit of a gold rush: the sudden swarm of thousands of people from in and out of Colorado trying to get into the state’s new recreational marijuana industry.

“Everybody’s expanding right now,” Elan Nelson, business consultant for Medicine Man, one of the largest marijuana shops in Denver. “Really, we’re just trying to keep up with demand.”

Since retail sales of recreational marijuana began in January, the state has seen a small boom in jobs. The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) estimates there are currently about 10,000 people directly involved with marijuana, with 1,000 to 2,000 joining in the past few months and more expected as high demand for recreational marijuana continues. MIG says it’s hard to separate how many of those 10,000 jobs are tied to recreational marijuana and which are exclusively on the medical side, but at least a few thousand jobs came during and after the preparation and start of recreational sales.

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