CAUTION: does not distribute or sell marijuana to the open public. Selling marijuana in Arizona is illegal. Only donations are allowed. All medicine related inquiries must attach proof of verification; ie Patient ID Number. We do not respond to inquiries without verified ID’s. This is a standard formality to protect the interest and integrity of our legal operation and network. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Your information will not be sold to third party advertising agencies. We hate spam too.

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  1. kesmee says:

    I live in rural AZ and need to find access to good meds. Any way we can make that happen. I’ll be in Mesa for most of the day Wednesday, 7/11/12

    appreciate any help,
    Thankn You
    Ken Shell

  2. Scottfreebird says:

    Hello , Say my wife & I are both Medical Marijuana patients here in AZ. Here is my Card # 0037554QPCE339266001
    We live about 30 miles outside Tucson Az and are looking to get a few OZ each of Meds each. We moved to Az last fall & dont know any one in the area that has any meds at all, so we would love to find out how we may get some good meds for the two of us old timers that need some pain relief . Thanks in Advance for any help on this issue

    I tried to send a inquirey but could not get it sent out to you for some reason ??

  3. ambrwlf51 says:

    Please get back to me. Thanks.

  4. bobinalaska says:

    Is there a farmers market this saturday?

  5. elguapo says:

    Seeking medication for chronic pain, legal cardholder, camp verde area (between flag and phoenix) please contact me. Can meet legal cardholding fellow patient or caregiver in Flag or Phoenix.

  6. #1KISSfan says:

    How much for top shelf medicine. What is the donation for a gram, 1/8th, 1/4 and ounce. Where are you located. I am in Casa grande.

  7. cstan says:

    I would like to get 36 clones total. Please call me asap.

  8. paulrt says:

    looking for seeds and plants. Can you help me?

  9. shizzlee says:

    looking for info on how the network works

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