Do you sell marijuana?
No. Selling marijuana is Illegal in Arizona. 420patients and its members are in accordance with Arizona Health Department guidelines, Prop 203, and Chapter 28.1 of Title 36 – Public Health and Safety Arizona Revised Statutes. All requested donations compensate marijuana caregivers and patients for time, nutrients, electricity and other expenses associated with cloning marijuana.

Do you deliver?
Yes. But we only deliver and handle medicine for patients registered with 420patients.com. In order to register, you must provide proof.

Can you help me grow at home?
Absolutely. We offer full service and support for medical marijuana growers. Patients can grow and Caregivers can grow. Depending on your needs, budget and available infrastructure will dictate the type of marijuana and amount to be grown. Please consult with our team if you have questions or even interested in learning the basics. As a registered member, you can gain access to discounted lights, parts, hoods, filters, clones, seeds, and more. Get in the network and get in the fundamentals of growing marijuana. Whether you are in an apartment or 10,000 sq. foot house; you can grow marijuana; we can help.

Gotta Question you need to ask but don’t know where to turn? email wj[at]420patients.com

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