Dixie Elixirs managing director and Colorado marijuana mogul Tripp Keber arrested for pot and cocaine possession in Alabama

Dixie arrest

The Colorado man behind one of the nation’s largest medical-marijuana products companies won’t be able to use marijuana for two years, after he was arrested for possession in Alabama.

This can’t be good news for the Healing Healthcare Dispensary who plans on introducing Dixie Elixir products to Arizona Someday. Public Hearings scheduled in Florence, AZ for the Planning and Zoning Commission on Thursday June 20th, 2013 at 6pm Florence Town Hall and with the Town Council – Monday August 5, 2013 at 6pm Florence Town Hall might prevent the dispensary group from obtaining there required zoning approval.

Zoning Hearing report dated November 2, 2011 –  November 3_ 2011 Minutes PZ


Update:  June 21, 2013  –  City of Florence City Council Meeting did not go well for the Florence Dispensary Group, as several groups gathered to present there opposition and  letters to the city including McDonald’s restaurant next to the dispensary, a local chiropractor across the street from the dispensary, department of corrections, law enforcement officials stated there concerns.  Several other groups presented there concerns including one group that brought up a request to review the groups current lawsuits including the dispensary owner named Rakesh Pahwa.

After reviewing the case file, it would appear that Rakesh Pahwa, AZ Tech Radiology and Open MRI of East valley intentionally interfered with contractual relationships and prospective business.  Another strike against the dispensary group and bad for the medical marijuana industry as a whole.

See Rakesh Pahwa’s current lawsuit here:  BR-02-1494-PHX-CGC

With over $9,000,000 in claims the court provided a summary judgement requiring garnishing of wages of Rakesh and partners dated 6-17-2013

Count I (Intentional Interference with Contractual Relationships and Prospective Business

Count 2 (Stay Violations)

Count 3 (Declaratory Relief)

Count 5 (Equitable Subordination)

Count 6 (Negligence)

The City of Florence will have a difficult decision ahead of them, given all the new information provided recently.

The dispensary group allegedly paid $75,000 for the Colorado edible company Dixie Elixirs to produce infused cannabis products for them in Arizona under the dispensary license.  Rakesh has agreed to work with Vincent “Tripp” Keber, who is the managing director of the company that makes the Dixie Elixirs line of marijuana-infused products, he pleaded guilty last month to misdemeanor marijuana possession in Baldwin County, Ala. A second charge of cocaine possession was dismissed as part of the deal, and the whole case will be wiped out if Keber stays trouble-free for the next two years, said Keber’s lawyer, Harold Callaway.

As part of the deal, Keber must check in with authorities in Alabama daily and submit to random drug tests. If those tests turn up evidence of alcohol consumption or drug use — including marijuana use — Keber could face up to a year in jail, said Martha Simmons, a spokeswoman for the Baldwin County district attorney’s office.

“This is a situation during some vacation where I basically made an error in judgment,”

Keber said. Deputies arrested Keber on May 18 after he was found in possession of a small amount of concentrated marijuana while entering the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Ala., said Baldwin County sheriff’s Maj. Anthony Lowery. Arrest documents show Keber was also initially held on suspicion of felony possession of cocaine, though Callaway said deputies mistook a marijuana concentrate for cocaine. Keber denies possessing cocaine, and Keber was charged only with marijuana possession.

A source told CelebStoner that police accosted Keber inside the venue when they saw him smoking a cigar. Mistaking it for a blunt, they forced him to break the cigar in order to prove it only contained tobacco. Keber was not happy about the invasion of his privacy and, to make matters worse, police searched him and found the sticky substance.

Alabama does not have a medical-marijuana law.  As a result of limited marijuana legalization in Colorado, Keber’s possession likely wouldn’t have brought criminal charges, however in Arizona possession of a “concentrated marijuana” or THC concentrate is currently illegal.

At least one neighbor a McDonald’s franchise owner has expressed a concern for the potential dispensary location 300 foot from his restaurant.  Healing Healthcare Dispensary and Dixie Elixirs might still have difficulty opening if they encounter difficulty with zoning in Florence Arizona?

Dixie Elixirs makes an array of marijuana-infused oils, sweets and drinks. Keber said he reported the charges to Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division and said he does not believe they will have an impact on the company’s license.


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Information from: The Denver Post and others, http://www.denverpost.com

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