About CG Network


420patients.com was founded to provide a streamlined link or connection directly from the grower/caregivers to the patients and back to the growers/caregivers.  Educate the 420 community to become growers and establish a self sufficient garden that your community supports by providing resources otherwise hidden in the industry, clones, nutrients, lights, Co2, too many secrets to talk about….so many growers with them to share….  We bring those skills honed by seasoned cultivators to you.  Take advantage of the collective knowledge of a community and don’t make the mistakes the first time around…..


420patients.com feels one of the most critical and important relationships a patient could have is with a caregiver.  We take pride in our systems and have taken the time to develop a 3 step process for Caregiver and Patient matching.  Its quick, simple, effective and efficient, yet produces a strong relationship that will endure the test of time.

Need Patients, we have them and will assign them to you.

Be cautious as to how you establish the caregiver and patient relationships…Don’t promise what you can’t deliver…….don’t be another Arizona Department of Health Services and over promise and under deliver……disapointing to say the least….with all the creative people out there, …pathetic given the nature of the robust industry and potential….

Join the 420patients.com community and help make a difference in your local area, start a chapter if there is not one….see a chapter in your area…. call or email to attend the next meeting….


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