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Interesting coincidence. The White House Summit on Working Families last week issued some statistics that underscored continuing challenges of gender inequality in the workplace. At around the same time, at the Cannabis Business Summit in Denver, a group of female business executives pointed to some of the new opportunities available for women entering the burgeoning marijuana industry.

These women, many of whom have been working in the legal side of the cannabis business for years, have been making names for themselves not only as pioneers in a fast-evolving industry, but also as the vanguard for a rising female representation in the cultivation, testing, marketing and sales of marijuana.

“It’s a brand new industry, and I feel like we have a great opportunity to strive and to reach out to women for opportunities they maybe they didn’t think of, because it is marijuana,” said Genifer Murray, CEO of Cannlabs SDSPD, a full-service marijuana testing lab.

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