3 day marijuana festival canceled over contract disputes- another year of problems for Arizona promoter EConert Live

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What a Joke, second year in a row for Arizona 420 Festival problems…

A three day marijuana festival featuring vendors and musical acts was set to get underway this weekend, but not without problems just like last year.  Broken promises to the Hotel, vendors, bands and all the patients looking for an event have been swindled again this year by CJ and his EConcert Live company that failed to live up to the huge promises.

The event has been canceled just hours before thousands of guests were set to arrive.

It’s left vendors, bands and patients frustrated and a Phoenix hotel vacant on what would have been a busy holiday weekend.  Organizers of the Arizona 4/20 Festival had planned a event this weekend at the Crown Plaza Hotel. The festival was labeled as a gathering of medical marijuana patients with vendors and live music.

Problems started from the beginning with a lack of finances, organization, communication and continued with lack of advertising and unrealistic expectations promised to the hotel and investors.  But because of a contract dispute between the organizers and the hotel, the party will not go on, and the hotel sits practically empty.

The night before the three day event was set to begin, the venue is quiet and near empty. “Personal politics has nothing to do with this, this is purely an unfortunate decision we had to make for the good of the business,” said Adam Stanchina of the Crown Plaza Hotel.

According to the contract for the event, organizers agreed to sell all the rooms at the hotel to event goers or they would be forced to pay $59,000 up front.  Unfortunately, the promoters did not do there job and promote the event and did not sell out the hotel as required.  Leaving the investors in the dark and vendors upset like the Green Times Magazine that planned the Glass Blowing “Flame Off” for the event. The rooms were not sold out, and organizers could not come up with the rest of the money.

“We had a contract set to be coming here to set up today, as we approached the vice president demanded $10,000 in cash, we tried to pay with our card he refused it and had police kick us off the property along with the generators and everything else,” said C.J. Johnson, organizer of the “Arizona 420 Festival”.

He says that close to a thousand tickets were sold, and nearly 40 vendors were going to come from as far away as New York & Canada.  The hotel said that they tried to work with organizers to come to a deal.  “We did have a payment deadline of 3 days ago, we did extend that all the way up until this morning until 11am,” said Stanchina.

Both sides are now up in smoke; the hotel is losing out because they blocked the entire hotel for the event, and now the rooms are not booked leaving the hotel mostly vacant.  What was supposed to be an epic party is now a big headache and financial loss for the organizers again this year.

Organizers say they plan to give refunds to everyone who bought tickets????????

Ticket prices ranged from $25 to $60.




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